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Research Theme

Our research broadly falls into the following themes:

  • Reactions and phase transitions in porous media
  • Fluid mechanical instability and pattern formation
  • Phase-field modeling of multiphase flow in porous media
  • Coarsening of porous materials
  • Icy porous media

Ongoing Projects

We are currently working on:

  • Icy porous materials, specifically:
    • ice/hydrate-bearing sediments: predicting the fate of frozen methane and water in marine sediments and permafrost under climate warming or man-made perturbations.
    • snow/firn hydrology: understanding the fate of water in warming cryosphere to decide how we as a society should preserve and adapt.
    • microstructure of porous ice: predicting the mechanical properties of the surfaces on icy planetary bodies such as Enceladus.
  • Drylands hydrology: advancing our observational and predictive capabilities of the vadose zone to understand how climate change will impact water resources in water-stressed regions.
  • Soil biogeochemical processes: understanding and modeling the generation of greenhouse gases in soil and its subsequent exchange in the global carbon cycle.
  • Geologic carbon sequestration: improving our engineered capability to safely store CO2 underground away from the atmosphere.
  • Geothermal systems: understanding, modeling and engineering fluid-rock interactions to enable efficient extraction of heat from subsurface.